Sydämellä Mariel - brief therapy

You are welcome to bring all of you to our therapy session. I will receive you with compassion and my presence will support you to find relief in what ever challenge you have in your life. Together we can walk towards your hearling. I am here for you - reserve time for example to free introductory call.

How the healing is supported with me?

You can come to me as you are. No matter if you have smaller or bigger challenges, we can start the healing journey excatly from where you are now. Undigested pass events are stored in our bodies and together we can walk through the experiences slowly. After that you can face your life with new energies that you have connected in the process. If you don't know yet what you want in life, you can find it with me.

Let's start to move towards a life according to your deep values - I am beside you. You can reserve your time from here already now. 

How does the brief therapy benefit you?

Sydämellä Mariel -brief therapy may bring ease to many kind of challenges: difficult relationships, depression, sleeping problems, heacy tiredness or anxciety. I highly recommend receiving support before hesitating too long. Reserving a time right now prevents the situation accumulating. With the support of the brief therapy you will find new safe ways to handle difficult feelings and thoughts in the way that it brings true relief. I have many years of therapeutic studies and wide spectrum of modalities. In case of serious mental health problems, I recommend to seek help from psychotherapy.  

What kind of therapeutic support I can offer? 

Somatic experiencing

Trauma therapy that creates healthy connection to your body, eases tension, improves the quality of sleep, enables you to find new flexibility in your life's situations. Weather it's about a single traumatic event or growing up in conditions with unsuficient emotional or physical support or even abuse, including those events in our life story is possible in therapy.

Family constellation

Family constellation will give you clearer picture of your life as a whole. It will bring you gently visible what you unconsciously repeat from the past. After seeing yourself deeper, the parts in you that have been frozen in the past, may start moving again and the energy is available to create something new in your life. Perhaps new kind of relating or behaviour is possible. 

Emotionally focused couple therapy

A possibility to create an emotionally safe relationship to your partner. You get to know your own and your partners deeper attachment traumas and give space to feel emotions that were not possible to feel before. Also you will safely re-visit any wounds that have been born during your relationship. Main intention with the work is to allow both parties share their deeper truths to each other and both will be seen and heard. 

Cuddling service

Now it is possible to request and get the kind of gentle and appreciating touch that you really want and that you missed for so long time. Get an experience of receiving goodness and allow your body to feel that with all senses. You will be taken care of and you can just rest. Cuddling is happening with clothes on and the ways of touch will be negotiated together. 

Sexual advising

Sexuality is more or less the same as our life's energy. It is crucial to seek for help if you notice any uncomfort in that area of your life. I am ready to discuss and face all challenges or questions that you may have. I have a big respect and an open mind and heart towards all different ways of expressing sexuality. 

Systemic couching of patch families

Many patch families experience relationship challenges or even heavy conflicts. Adults and children have strong feelings and all of them needs to be seen and accepted. The secret of a functional patch family is that everyone has their own place and will be seen in their place in both families. The recognition of the previous families and ex spouses plays a crucial role in healing. 

Mariel Mansoniemi

I am an entrepreneur, mother of three and a friend of many.

Sydämellä Mariel was born from a deep invitation to work on integration of life's lightness and darkness, pleasant and unpleasant feelings and situations in all of us as individuals and communities. Deep human encounters and allowance for all feelings are very important values for me. 

I spend my free time with children often by finding common inspiring sport activities like biking, swimming, skating, trips to the forest or sometimes resting and cuddling. And of course living normal life with conflicts and driving kids to hobbies. 

Experiencing life in connection with my body is in the core of my life. I start and end each day by touching my body very gently, laying my hands on my body with love and acceptance, making peace with all that is at this moment. I get easily ignited when I get to practice couple acrobacy, to succeed and fail to balance, use my power and feel the connection.  Knowing myself and my body has served me a lot knowing also my sexuality and feeling pleasure in my ways and spheres. 

I have my first degree as a biology and geography teacher and I have a PhD in Biology. On 2010 I got my first child and stepped out from university world and gave space to my curiosity towards psychology. I studied to be a family constellation therapist both in Spain and in Finland. The three years of Somatic experiencing studies I accomplished in Italy and in Spain. I have a Finnish degree of solution focused brief therapist with psychotherapeutic skills. At the moment, I am doing sexual advisor studies. An important part of my therapist trainings has always been my personal therapy and it is in line with my values, since I believe that only by visiting my own deeper and darker parts of myself, I can safely accompany someone else in theirs.  

Pricing of my sevices

Free initial meeting 20 min

Video or phone connection


Therapy session 60 min

Video connection or face to face in Turku at Alkuvoima


Emotionally focused couple therapy, 90 min

Video connection or face to face in Turku at Alkuvoima


Systemic couching 90 min

Divorced parents, patch families. 1-2 participants


Cuddling 60 min

Conscious and consent touch 


Sexual therapy 60 min

You can come alone or with your partner(s)


Five sessions prepaid 

I will send an invoice after a first visit


Sessions at Alkuvoima from Monday to Thursday at Alkuvoima (Halistentie 2, Turku) or 

with video from Monday to Friday

You will feel better after receiving support and loving presence